Bolstad Camping is a child frendly and idyllic camping in Skjolden, in the inner part of Sognefjorden. Bolstad Camping has from the beginning, in 1968, always been a base for the tourists who want to experience the wonderful mountains, - and especially Mørkridsdalen where you can enjoy the beautiful nature and hiking. On the campsite we got Volleyball, Minigolf, Trampoline and some playground equipment for the smaller ones.

Our camp-site´s location is 500 metres from centrum of Skjolden, where you can buy grocceries, a multi-purpose house, Fjordstova containing touristinformation, a climbing wall, indoos swimmingpool and cafè. There are also other places to eat in Skjolden. In centrum there is also a beach where you can swim or enjoy the beautiful view of Sognefjorden.